Slam that Shame!!


Now on, every once in a while I will come up with articles that will help us SLAM THAT SHAME. What do I mean, you ask?

So, all around us we have these notions and ideas that are body shaming. We will be slamming those ideas out.Through these articles I and the comments that you guys leave for me, we will build our self confidence and boost our self esteem. You don’t have to look a particular way or behave a particular way to be normal or to be so called “acceptable”, “decent”, “Beautiful”.

However you are, you are beautiful !! You are you!!

You know guys, when I was a kid, I was taught a few lines in my school and I would like to write them here because they mean a lot to me and they will mean a lot to you too I am positive.

‘I am unique , God made me this way, There may be hundreds who are faster or better than me but that does not make me any small in my own eyes. This is the truth and I accept the truth willingly! ‘

As a beginning to the SLAM THAT SHAME and to our beautiful journey of building up confidence  lets you and me commit to following a morning routine.Every morning, when we wake up before getting off the bed lets commit to saying the words above.


M&M’s 🙂


Thank you dear Angana  🙂you-are-beautiful

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