Practical Romance <3

OK, “practical romance” does sound like a cheesy romance movie title but trust me this blog isn’t about a movie or a novel.

It’s just my understanding of loving a romance novel just as much as any other person. I think I might have lost a couple of you guys at that conundrum.

Let me tell you a little bit about myself; I’m a very practical person, expressing emotions is not one of my strong points sadly. I have been called cold hearted, emotionless, poker face etc etc. Now, I don’t exactly see this as a bad thing in my professional life.Just cause you’re a girl doesn’t mean you have to show each and every one of your emotions…right?

Oops, I went off track there for a coming back to the title; people are shocked when they see a romance novel in my hand.Its fine if its a romantic person reading it but me reading one suddenly makes me weak? I don’t think so and I definitely don’t hide that fact. I love romance novels.I love all kinds of romance novels, be it fantasy or supernatural or gay. Some mystery romances are the best.I just can’t let them go till the end. A novel to me is freedom; a breath of fresh air like nothing else. And I refuse to let people make fun of my passion because they perceive me a particular way and me reading (as in a practical person) a romance novel doesn’t fit in their understanding.

A person’s passion gives them wings.So I might not have lived through an “epic romance” or even heard of it ,in this big bad world but that’s exactly why I love reading about it. Gives me hope..not about love or romance but about happiness, about being happy for another person even if he’s imaginary.

Everybody is unique and passion doesn’t have prejudiced boundaries.Reading a romance novel doesn’t make me weak. It actually makes me versatile and strong of course. So lets not let others define us; be it reading or cooking or anything. Every person is free to follow their heart; they just need the courage to see it through.



M&M’S 🙂


Thank you Angana 🙂


One thought on “Practical Romance <3

  1. Pradnesh Adurkar says:

    I get what you want to say through your blog. Though I am not a reader I understand the underlying feeling what your blog is trying to delineate. As even I am person who is not so good with emotions .

    But I must say that what I have learnt through my experiences and also via the course I am currently studying,that being emotional and understanding emotions (emotional quotient-understanding,processing and replying to emotions) are two different things. And in professional life even if you are not emotional you need to have a decent emotional quotient so that you can work with people who are emotional.

    Apart from this your introductory post stated that blogs will be one on one and they truly are.Your message of being yourself and doing what you want does connect on one on one level. Great job


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