DIY Earring using thread


Hi peeps,

As the festive season is nearing, I would like to bring to you guys simple DIY earrings tutorial. As we had promised, this blog is going to be all about using your time well;And so this DIY earrings tutorial uses things we all have at home. Please do check out the video tutorial posted at the end of this article.

Things you need:

  1. Paper
  2. Thread Bundle
  3. Glue
  4. Scissors
  5. Earring Fish Hooks
  6. Plastic Spoons
  7. Candle
  8. A pointy needle like tool ( I used a screw driver and it worked wonders for me 🙂 )
  9. Glitter Glue or Glitter Powder (optional)
  10. Acrylic Paint (optional)

Getting started with the first earrings 

Step 1: Take apiece of paper and roll it roughly, you need not be neat and clean just rools it tight. Now stick the end with glue.

Step  2: Cut the roll into the desired size hoop ( If unsure how to do it please watch the video below.

Step 3: Take the tread and leaving a little portion of the roll tie a regular knot, repeat this one more time just to make sure it the knot stays as it is. Now, take one end of the thread and pull away from the roll while holding the roll in the other hand. Make a loop on the tread and then slip it over the roll and then pull away from it. Repeat this process until you cover your the roll , leaving a small portion at the bottom.


once you cover your roll completely, it will look something like this:


Step 4: Now twist the roll to form a hoop shape and then place the fish earring hook between the two ends of the hoop and stick it with glue. To make this firm, take the thread and on the upper edge of the hoop tie a simple knot and then repeat the process in step 3 till you cover the left over paper portion on the roll.

Repeat the same to make the other earring piece.

With this you will get first one of your beautiful earring pair.


For the second earring today:

Step 1: Take a plastic spoon and cut it at the neck of it. Be careful, try not to break the spoons. Even if you do so, don’t worry just grab another one and keep going. It took me a couple of attempts to get it right too 🙂

Step 2: Light a candle and take a pointy tool. Heat the pointy head of the tool and make a small hole. now take the earring fish hook and attach it to the hole you just made.

Step 3: Apply glue evenly over the convex surface of the spoon and then start wrapping the spoon head with the thread. Make sure that the thread strands don’t overlap.

Once you cover the entire spoon surface, you will have your pretty earring all set to be worn and flaunted. 🙂







Thank you Angana 🙂you-are-beautiful

3 thoughts on “DIY Earring using thread

  1. TJ says:

    I made the hoop earrings. But I made it with shades of blue zusing different threads. It looks amazing and so colourful
    Thank you for the idea. It was great. Now I can make a different coloured hoop earrings for everyday.


  2. Pradnesh Adurkar says:

    It reminded of a class called as work experience in school. The best out of waste competitions.What you made is really cool, will definitely try it sometime to gift it to my loved once.Looking forward for more videos from M&M

    Liked by 1 person

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