Play Through The Riddle Day

Hi Peeps,

We all know,

Grown ups have a basic routine….Wake up…Brush..Take bath…..Go to work……Come home…….Cook……Sleep….!!!!!!!

It’s boring , even when I type it!!  When we were kids, we always had something up our minds, curiosity helped us sharpen our thinking !

Believe it or not….Like our bodies….our brains need exercise too.

So this time, we have come up with something different and quirky.And definitely interactive which will help us enjoy our day and also get our brains  the necessary exercise.

It’s a simple game, where we are going to post a riddle every morning and its answer at the end of each respective day.Now, this riddle can be something you have seen before or a simple one from your childhood but hey, that’s what makes it fun right. You can send out your answers and guesses to us on the blog and we’ll be sure to post the answer at the end of the day. So let’s have fun brainstorming peeps.



Thank you Angana 🙂


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