DIY Bag Badges Using Felt Paper


I hope all you guys that a great weekend…..

Monday reminds us, all  the work and responsibilities we leave behind on Fridays…..Between all this commotion, it easy for us to loose ourselves….Same old routines, same old environment…. Today tomorrow and forever looks the same, feels the same…We feel and behave like the majority does…Uniqueness in lost….And today here, we will learn how to use basic material and  minimum time to keep up with ourselves.

Best way to be and feel you, is to customize our surroundings and belongings….When your work place and your belongings represent you, you will never loose yourself and also find the motivation needed to get through the week.

We all carry bags!!!…..In today’s fast paced world, if I tell you to make your own bags, it  would sound ridiculous… But, here I will teach you how to make Bag Badges(pins) that take absolutely no time and use things easily available at home. These Badges are perfect way to customize your bags or office boards such that it looks and feels like it belongs to you.


Things you will need:

  1. Felt Papers
  2. Hot Glue Gun (any glue that dries stiff)
  3. Scissors
  4. Sharpie (markers)
  5. Felt tip pens(optional)
  6. Acrylic Paints (optional)
  7. Safety pins



Step 1: Choose an any cartoon , symbol, letter or literally anything that you might like.For the purpose of demonstration, I have chosen Captain America’s Shield. I selected this as it’s easy to draw and because I had white felt paper at home.You can choose whatever you like.

Step 2: Sketch the outline of the shield on the white felt paper with a marker.

Step 3: Now fill colors at the necessary places. You could use other felt papers to make the blue star and the red rings on the shield. But, i have demonstrated using felt tip pens. You could even use acrylic paints.

Step 4: Now cut out the shield from the remainder of the felt paper.

Step 5: To give the Badge a sturdy finish use a glue gun to coat the complete back side of the Badge.

Step 6: Take a safety pin and keeping the opening side facing you glue it to the Badge.

Let it dry….. And there you go….You have you own handmade Badge ready!!!This activity is super fun , takes hardly any time, and most importantly anyone can do it…!!!



You can do the same for anything you choose….

Olaf 🙂



Batman 🙂


Or even Pikachu 🙂




Check out the video below for visual demonstration….





Thank you Angana 🙂


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