Play Through The Riddle Day

Evening  !  🙂


To all my dear readers, from now on Play Through The Riddle Day will become a weekly post. As many of my readers suggested that, I come up with other DIY and articles at least once in a week and so I have to make Play Through The Riddle Day series a weekly post.

Every Sunday, I will be posting four Riddles…some pretty easy while some will require you to brainstorm a little…..And every week…first 2 readers who correctly answer the riddles by sending a email to

ID: with subject line as answers and your name.

Also you will need to sign up for email updates on my website..if you haven’t already done so…

And finally ….will have to post

The link to the blog on your social media profiles (min facebook) with a personal note about how you feel about the blog.

Our first 2 readers every week who complete these steps successfully will receive prize……Prize will be a e book……. I will declare the names of the winners on the blog, the Sunday after the post was put up

So go on……..!!!! get your thinking caps on ……….to enjoy and win some great  new e books….!!!


For today’s Sunday Play Through thee Riddle Day Contest …..Here are the riddles below!!!!


Riddle 1: What doesn’t ask questions but needs to be answered???

Riddle 2: Give me food and I will live. Give me water and I will die. What am I???

Riddle 3: How can a pant’s pocket be empty and still have something in it??

Riddle 4: What is black when clean and white when it is dirty???


Enjoy you week….









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