DIY Box Using Popsicle Sticks

*So after loosing many many many earrings and chains, I finally made up my mind today to do something about this….I thought of getting myself a small box to store them….But then you guys know me…I need customized stuff… after all we all are different and different things appeal us visually..

So, I decided to make a box myself an came up with a beautiful box made out of Popsicle (truthfully I had no idea what, I was trying to get as a final product when I started making it…but surprisingly it turned out beautiful….this rarely happens to me 🙂 🙂 0

It’s pretty easy to make and a fun activity for people of all ages…Plus it saves you a lot of money!!



Things you will need: 

  1. Popsicle sticks (Ice-cream Sticks)
  2. Paints and other decorating materials like yarn or rhinestones etc. (I used yarn)
  3. Glue gun 
  4. Scissors 
  5. Sticky tape




Step 1: Cut the round ends of the Popsicle sticks and cut the sticks into required size as per your need. ( I used the complete length of the Popsicle sticks as I needed a medium sized box) If you want to make a smaller box as a alternative to gift wrapping you make cut the Popsicle sticks into half or as required.

Step 2: Take two Popsicle sticks and stick them at 90 degrees using a sticky tape…basically make a L shape with the two sticks and stick them with sticky tape.Now apply glue on the inner side if the joint. Do the same to form the third side of the box and the same for the fourth side. Once you finish this you will get a square.

Step 3: Pile sticks one over the other to in increase the height of the square so as to form a box shape.


Step 4: For making the base of the box place sticks one besides the other on the table. Take enough sticks to cover the base of the box you just made.Glue the base to the square box body one at a time.



Step 5: Now, for the top cover…..Lay down the number of sticks you used to cover the base and at least 1 to 2 extra sticks….Glue them together. Now stick Popsicle sticks vertically on the edges to form a cover.









Step 6:  You box is now ready for customization.



Step 7: I used yarn to cover my box. You could use paints, or rhinestones, or paper in fact you can use anything to decorate this cute little box.















I hope you guys like this Diy and enjoy making a box for yourself.

I generally upload video with the post itself but for some reason I am unable to upload it today so please visit out YouTube Channel for the video instructions


Video instructions:

Please Do Make one and share your pictures on the website comment sections….

Be happy….Smile and Spread Smile…..




Thank you Angana 🙂












































































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