Beauty Lies in the Eyes of the Beholder

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder

Yes, I know I just literally stole a quote from Plato for my blog title; but it’s pretty apt for what I have in mind. The title pretty much says that this is going to be about beauty but this is me trying to understand whether this holds true or not.

Recently my childhood friend thought it would be funny to send my photos from back then to all our common friends as well as some of my friends (whose phone numbers she stole from my phone btw… ). Normally it wouldn’t bother me, if they had known me back then but since they didn’t I wanted to keep my teenage self a secret. Mostly because I looked quite different then; well if I had to put it in a word that our society uses I would be called ugly or nerdy. The only saving grace is that all my friends were the same.

Now imagine my surprise when my friend suddenly sends me my teenage picture where I’m looking like an Orangutan (allegedly) with a subtitle “ROFL”. Regardless to say that stupid picture went around and round to all my groups and sadly still is. I’m quite a confident person and a little bit of a narcissist but even I can say that photo and made me feel small or say less attractive than others. So, is it my fault that, I feel so…..not completely !!!…….It’s also the way we are brought up….my parents are pretty open minded and supportive…but the environment I   lived in the society that I grew up in, indirectly shapes who you are….what you believe…..Even your parents can’t shield you from that!! All these pre-set notions about beauty sometimes make you feel small, make you feel embarrassed. You are too thin…you are too fat…you are too fair…you are too dark!!! It doesn’t end here ! the hypocrite society has many more things to say and do to make you feel bad. It’s important to look beyond these stupid notions. To look at your true self, you are beautiful in your own way. You need not have six pack abs to look handsome, you don’t need to fit into size 2 for you to look your best. All you need is confidence, self-worth, self-love and respect for our differences. We need to focus on being a good person a great personality. I can say so because I feel those are two different people; me who was shy and timid to the me who doesn’t care what anybody says and self-assured.

So, even if that photo isn’t beauty inspiring from any angle to them for me it’s still pretty awesome. Because when I look at it I see the scared and self- loathing person I was….and then I see myself now and see that I successfully grew up and could embrace myself. This is because I know beauty isn’t what’s seen but what can be felt. I could develop my self-esteem based on my knowledge and skills and not on my appearance. I will get old and the outer image will change again and I’m okay with that. what doesn’t change is me knowing that I have great friends who are with me cause I’m me and my personality. That they might make fun of me but it’s never going to bother me anymore because to me and my loved ones I am the beautiful me.That when they see the picture they might not see the beauty but they still see me.

The picture doesn’t make a difference anymore cause it’s not about beauty anymore but about me. People are still laughing but now I’m laughing with them so it’s pretty cool. They even made a collage of then and now pictures of mine, and guess what I have it as my cell phone wallpaper. It shows me how I grew. How I learnt to love myself without having to submit to those so called social beauty norms So in a word I’m feeling pretty good about it all.

And in the end like we always say remember:

‘I am unique , God made me this way, There may be hundreds who are faster or better than me but that does not make me any small in my own eyes. This is the truth and I accept the truth willingly! ‘



Thank you Angana 🙂


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