How to Identify Your Skin Type

So as promised, now on we will be uploading videos for you to learn the basics of personal makeup.Through these videos we will try to teach you how to choose the right products and how to apply them.

Before we begin with any makeup application techniques, we must understand the makeup is like making a beautiful canvas painting where your face is the canvas and the makeup you apply are the beautiful colors. Now, its a basic understanding that for a good painting the canvas should be good and clean in-order for us to make a great painting; and so before learning to apply any kind of makeup products it is imperative to learn to take care of you skin and also know you skin in and out.

And so in this first video we will learn the basic about our skin which is necessary to buy the right products for our skin.

Like always this video is going to be super fun; and for a change you guys won’t have to see only me in the video as our own dear Monica will be joining us for this video.

Here is the video,if you guys like the video please give  the video a thumbs up share.If at all you prefer written instructions, they will be available towards the end of this article.



It’s really important to know our skin type in-order to be able to take care of it in an appropriate way and also to get a good makeup look.

Now there are five skin types in general:

  1. Normal
  2. Oily
  3. dry
  4. Combination
  5. Sensitive

The general traits of these skin types are as follows:


Traits           Normal               Oily                 Dry       Combination          Sensitive
·      No or very little imperfections.

·      Barely visible pores.

·      Looks like healthy skin .

·      Shiny Completion

·      Enlarged  pores.

·      Generally suffer from acne.


·     Rough skin

·     Visible lines over skin


·     Oily over forehead, nose and chin areas

·     Blackheads

·     Red patches

·     Irritable skin



How to Identify your skin type:

Best way is to go to a beauty store and consult a beauty specialist.

But if you wish to identify your skin type at home at your convience.

It’s pretty simple

  1. Take any product meant for normal skin type (most of the products have labels that indicate the type of skin they are suitable for)
  2. Apply it in morning before you go out.
  3. If it starts to irritates, then you probably have sensitive skin and you should immediately take off the product before it causes any more problem.
  4. If you get through the day without any problems and you skin looks radiant even in the evening then you probably have  normal skin.
  5. Suppose by the end of the day , your skin starts to looks shiny and oily then you have oily skin type.
  6. If you skin goes very dry leaving lines over your face then you probably have dry skin.
  7. And, if you get oil only over your forehead, nose and chin whereas your cheeks are relatively dry then you have combination skin.



  1. If you want to have glowing healthy skin increase you water intake.
  2. Always apply sunscreen before leaving you house.
  3. Always remove makeup before you go to sleep.


I hope you all enjoy reading this post….till next time



Thank you Angana 🙂


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