Welcome 2017

Welcome 2017…..Good bye 2016 !!!!!

It’s end of the year already……..can’t believe it……..It was a tough year for some, for some it was great……Oh goodness!!! I have no idea what to write. I thought of writing something for all of us, but I have nothing to write…..

Do I write about resolution? Do I write about the events that happened in 2016? ….cliche ideas!!

But seriously, what do I write about….making a resolution, or ask people about their plans for 31st..?!

I don’t know…..OK, just to move forward from the words ‘what do I write about’, let me tell you what I plan to do this 31st and then in 2017.

I have decided to feel and embrace my emotions no matter what they are ,be it happiness, sadness or anger…I have decided to just let go, just feel..

Sometimes we get so obsessed about feeling good that we forget we need to feel sad to know what good feels like.I have decided to enjoy the moment…..to live….to feel….to love…to hate…to laugh…to cry….to eat…to exercise….to give….to take…

Little things matter…I won’t let life slip out….I have decided to have goals but not live for them…I have decided to be focused towards my aim but not live for it….

Past is gone, future I don’t know, present is what I have….and so I will live today. During my therapy sessions I learnt that small things matter, it’s important to have short term goals. Right now all I need to do is finish this sentence..this is living in the moment, so that you don’t have to feel, I wish I did it then….

Osho in one of his books said …to reach a goal,to have a fulfilling life all you need to do is take one step forward…and if you can take one step then you can reach your goal…all it takes is one step.So, I am going to take just one step at a time…and so in this moment I have decided to live, to feel…no plans no resolutions beyond this….

Right now all I am going to do is finish my sentence..take your leave and enjoy a sip of my warm coffee in my favorite coffee mug….

Happy New Year…. 🙂





Thank you Angana


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