Formal Look Book(Plus Size)


So between all this rush hour and race for being the best and performing the best during the career fairs and interviews…We all need the perfect look….Here below I have put down two of my favorite attires….

Look 1:

In my first look I am wearing a peach dress suit by Sandra Darren. I bought this on Amazon… I am currently in love with it…. I am wearing a size 20W…But this outfit has a wide range of sizes available for 16W to 24W.

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If you like this attire…..go girls!!! Tell all those who say that  PLUS SIZE WOMEN can’t totally rock light colors and a dress suit that you don’t care anymore…Coz you are the best and pretty as you are….Slam that Shame girls..

Look 2:

In my second look I am wearing a pencil skirt that I picked up from Ross a few days back like for 16 bucks….I have coupled it with a white blouse that I got from India a long time back…and finally my favorite Calvin Klein Blazer Jacket.

So friends its not really difficult to mix and match different pieces of clothing to make a perfect looking outfit…..It’s good to experiment..

Please, tell us about your views regarding these outfits and also share with us your ideas of pictures of formal outfits that you totally rocked….







Look 3:

In this, I am wearing a pretty straight fit black and blue dress. and I paired it with my pearl necklace I bought from Colaba, Mumbai, India. I love my pearl necklace. Please necklace is a must in your wardrobe, if you frequently wear formals. I have topped this look with my Raymond Blazer Jacket, I bought from India. I love this look because. it’s comfortable and still very classic formal look.

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Till then,

-Love M&M’s




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