Indo Western Everyday Look


Recently, I have been coming across many clothing subscriptions boxes; And trust me!! I was so convinced that I needed one I almost subscribed to one….Look, It’s not like I am against any such subscriptions, it’s just that I already have any clothes I have bought before lying in my wardrobe!! I am sure you guys might be going through the same.

So here’s the deal I have decided to mix and match the clothes I have to form some cool looks and use the clothes I already have. I guess, I am learning sustainable living…haha

This is my version of Indo-Western Look:

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I am wearing a causal checked shirt which I bought for I suppose 699 Indian rupees from Central.For my reader not in India, you can find such checked shirts on for about $12 bucks or so. My inner black top is from . I am wearing a size 18.

I have paired this up with a Patiala pants at the bottom. You can get such pants easily online. I am wearing a xl size pant(plus size).

Finally, i put on some kajal, my all time favorite Eos Chatstick and bangles two on each of my wrists. I got the bangles from Linking road Bandra, Mumbai. Although, you could pair it up with some Boho type bracelets as well.

I hope you guys like this outfit. Let me your take on Indo Western outfit. Please feel free to post you images and share your view on it. And also , Please subscribe to our blog’s email notifications, so that you never miss a update from AllThatsMe. And remember you are beautiful 🙂





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