Ankita Harmalkar       Meetali Bageshwari    Monica Kanchan  

M&M’s is about contrast. While Meetali is creative, imaginative, and soft spoken, Ankita is focused, romantic and wannabe poet and Monica is strong headed, practical and out spoken. In fact, we all are crazy fun loving friendly people. Actually, we are insane….HaHa!

Meetali Bageshwari 

Hi, I have known these girls all my life 😉 guess whats my age 😉 …. I live in Florida and study business. I am madly in love with music. And the most important :I LOVE MY BITCHES, LOVE YOU GIRLS…MUAH!!!

Ankita Harmalkar

Traveler by heart…foodie by stomach and engineer by profession!! 23 years old. Currently in California..but aim to conquer the world through my selfless selfies 😉 will meet you guys with my short stories…..Hasta la vista baby 😉

 Monica Kanchan 

Hey everyone, I am one of the M&M’s.  I’m 23 years old.. A vivid reader and a shameless homeboy.. Lol.. OK that sounds awfully boring..
I think I just described my grandma… Oh my God!
On the positive side, I love hanging out with my friends.. N playing..(We Love JUST DANCE)